What is The Auto Expert?

When a person buys a new car (especially if it’s the very first time they ever bought a vehicle, a high school student getting a driver’s license for example), they may possibly be somewhat blinded by the fact that they want that vehicle so badly, and sometimes will overlook a lot of important details during the car-buying process. This is where The Auto Expert does a lot of research and legwork to make sure that you get a dependable, affordable new ride.

Do I pay a fee for the service?

We don’t work for any manufacturers or dealerships…we work for you! So yes, there is a small fee for our service, but it’s well worth it considering the fact that you end up saving thousands of dollars on a quality vehicle.

How does The Auto Expert save me money?

A lot of dealerships like to mark up their vehicles and have you paying way more than you’re supposed to for that new car, truck or SUV. We take our questions straight to the sales manager, researching everything down to a tee, so that you save as much money as possible.

How does The Auto Expert service work?
How long does the process take?

This pretty much depends on how close your vehicle is to you. If it’s local, it can take as little as a day. Still, we always ask our clients to give us one to two weeks to negotiate the best deal for you.

How do I start the process with The Auto Expert?

Contact: 910-444-2431, email kirk@theautoexpertnc.com,

or visit Facebook.com/theautoexpert

Ready for an Amazing Auto Purchase Experience?