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Car Buying Concierge

  • 100% free consultation
  • Bring us your best deal from a dealership and we’ll beat it!
  • You don’t pay anything until we save you money!
  • We will review the deal to make sure you aren’t over paying
  • If The Auto Expert can get you a better deal, we’ll split the difference of what is saved!
  • If we cannot negotiate a better deal for you, at least you have the piece of mind in knowing that you got the best deal on your own!

You have nothing to lose!

Many of our clients have already begun the car buying process, and already have a pretty good idea of the vehicle they want. In fact, they may have already talked to some of the dealers about that car, truck or SUV that has caught their eye. But, one of the biggest problems in most cases is that the enthusiastic car buyer is not getting the best deal. They only see the new car in front of them, and are not comparing the prices accurately.


At The Auto Expert, there’s never a fee for consultation. What we want our clients to know is that they have nothing to lose, and that our goal is to have them walk out with the best deal possible. We show them all the options, not just what the dealer told them. For example, let’s say we improved your deal by $1,000. Our fee would be $500. If we improved your deal by $5,000, your fee would still be just $500. Your fee to us would never go over $500, but you’ll save thousands by utilizing our outstanding car buyer services.

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